Electoral commission not independent

Independent analyst Dren Nupen said that although Zimbabwe had an electoral commission in place in accordance with Southern African Development Community (SADC) norms and guidelines, it was 'stacked' with supporters of the leading Zanu-PF party.

As featured in SAPA report carried by iafrica.com, 2 February 2005

Mail and Guardian CEO Trevor Ncube also spoke at the discussion. He said Zanu-PF was using SADC protocol as a veneer in order to attempt to reverse its illegitimate status. Zanu-PF would lose the elections if it adhered to SADC rules all the way, Ncube said.

‘Cosatu treatment not a good omen’. Bizos added that the treatment meted out to the last Cosatu delegation, which was kicked out of the country, did not augur well for the March 31 elections.

Mugabe announced the election date on Tuesday, and on Wednesday, a second delegation of Cosatu leaders attempted to visit the country unsuccessfully.

No representatives for the South African government were present, Mills said, because it thought the moment was ‘too sensitive’ to participate in a public forum.