SAIIA Highlights 2016


The SAIIA’s Highlights of 2016 has just been published, offering an in-depth look at our major research projects and activities last year. 

Blue Economy


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Protecting our oceans is a priority for global action thanks to its inclusion in the Sustainable Development Goals. Now it’s time to develop an African response to this goal, calling for the conservation and sustainable use of our marine resources.

China-Africa ties


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China’s domestic economic restructuring away from export- and investment-led growth is opening up new possibilities for Africa. And as the country’s global influence expands, balancing its own national interests and reputation as a responsible global player is becoming increasingly important.

Climate change


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Great strides have been made in tackling climate change through the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Accord, but human and economic pressures remain a threat. Understanding and communicating the ways in which healthy ecosystems can support communities will go a long way in keeping people and the planet happy.



Feature img Ivory Highlights

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Community values and culture need to be better understood for an ivory trade ban to be successful. Consumers, mostly Chinese, must value ivory as something that belongs only to living elephants, while community members in Africa must value living elephants more highly for conservation efforts to succeed.



Feature img migration Highlights

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The South African government continues to view migration solely as a security threat, despite economic migrants being highly entrepreneurial and able to positively impact the economy. From a policy perspective, the country needs to do more to show how it plans to tackle mounting xenophobia and empower semi-skilled migrants so they can be incorporated into the workforce.

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12 Jun 2017