The African Peer Review Mechanism: one of the world’s most innovative governance instruments


While most of the festivities marking these events will be taking place in March and May 2013 respectively, the celebrations kicked off during the 20th African Union Summit from 21 to 28 January, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

SAIIA’s Governance and APRM Programme staff travelled to Addis Ababa during this time to attend various meetings and to focus attention on one of the most important outcomes of the APRM. These are the National Programmes of Action (NPoAs) that emerge out of the individual country assessments which countries develop once they have completed the country review process under the framework of the APRM.

These planning framework documents are intended to improve governance across four thematic areas at a country-level: democracy and political governance; economic governance and management; corporate governance and socio-economic development. However, in many instances NPoAs become wish-lists because of a lack of funding or an influential national champion.

The head of SAIIA’s Governance and APRM Programme, Dr Roseline Achieng, recently authored a policy note to highlight the importance of NPoAs. She also provides practical recommendations on how best to ensure their implementation.

Download the Policy Note 01: It’s Time for the National Programme of Action

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Below, watch an interview with Dr. Kojo Busia from UNECA, on the past, present and future of the APRM.

19 Feb 2013