Thematic Work: IBSA

Image: Flickr, Chris Eason
Image: Flickr, Chris Eason

SAIIA Publications:

IBSA Publications:

  • Chevallier, R, ‘The South Africa Perspective of IBSA’. FRIDE’s Europe-Latin America Dialogue Forum. 5 November 2007.
  • Chevallier, von Drafenfels and Stamm, ‘India-Brazil-South Africa (IBSA) – a new geography of trade and technology cooperation?’, The German Journal of Economic Geography. February 2008.
  • IBSA and Global Issues: Emerging powers and the future of the global climate change regime’. This paper was prepared for ‘New directions in the “South”? Assessing the Importance and Consequences of the India-Brazil-South Africa DialogueForum (IBSA) to International Relations’, IUPERJ, 23-24 June 2008, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is to be published by the conference organisers in September 2009

Opinion Editorials:

  • Chevallier, R. ‘South-South initiative with India and Brazil can enhance South Africa’s butterfly strategy’ in Sunday Independent. 30 May 2004.

2 Dec 2009