Values, Interests and Power: South African foreign policy in uncertain times

Image: Karire Evans
Image: Karire Evans

SAIIA, in partnership with the Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria, has recently launched a new book, 'Values, Interests and Power: South African foreign policy in uncertain times'.

This book explores how South Africa can develop a foreign policy strategy that is appropriate to the uncertain times in which we live and that both helps the country address its overwhelming domestic challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment and regain its former high international reputation.

The contributors to this book offer analyses and proposals for developing such a strategy within the context of the country’s constitutional order and institutional constraints and that addresses the diverse and complex global and regional aspects of the country’s international relations. The book is edited by SAIIA’s Chief Executive Elizabeth Sidiropoulos and Daniel Bradlow, Professor of International Development Law and African Economic Relations at the University of Pretoria and published by Pretoria University Law Press.

Chapters and authors:

Defining a South African foreign policy for the 2020s: Challenges, constraints and opportunities
by Daniel D. Bradlow, Elizabeth Sidiropoulos & Luanda Mpungose

Foreign policy under the Constitution
by Jonathan Klaaren & Daiyaan Halim

The courts and foreign policy powers
by Nicole Fritz

Overcoming bureaucratic and institutional challenges in South African foreign policy making
by Arina Muresan & Francis Kornegay

South Africa’s security interests in Africa: Recommendations for the 2020s
by Aditi Lalbahadur & Anthoni van Nieuwkerk

South Africa’s peace and security interests beyond the continent
by Garth Le Pere & Lisa Otto

Regional integration and industrial development in Southern Africa: Where does South Africa stand?
by Maria Nkhonjera & Simon Roberts

South Africa and African continental economic integration in the 2020s
by Lumkile Mondi

Negotiating climate change in an increasingly uncertain global landscape: Is there light at the end of the tunnel?
by Ellen Davies, Saliem Fakir & Melisha Nagiah

Reforming the institutions of global economic governance and South Africa
by Cleo Rose-Innes

Challenges and opportunities for non-traditional diplomacy
by Fritz Nganje & Letlhogonolo Letshele

Lessons learned and the path forward
by Daniel Bradlow, Elizabeth Sidiropoulos & AnaSofia Bizos

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15 Oct 2020