Zimbabwe Elections 2005: Official SADC Documentation

Official documentation mandated by the Southern African Development Community that has relevance to Zimbabwe’s Parliamentary Elections 2005.


SADC Principles and Guidelines Governing Democratic Elections

Article 4 of the Treaty of the Southern African Development Community of 1992 stipulates that ‘human rights, democracy and the rule of law’ are principles guiding the acts of its members. Article 5 of the Treaty outlines the objectives of SADC, which commits the Member States to ‘promote common political values, systems and other shared values which are transmitted through institutions, which are democratic, legitimate and effective’. It also commits Member States to ‘consolidate, defend and maintain democracy, peace, security and stability’ in the region. The development of SADC principles and guidelines governing democratic elections aims at enhancing the transparency and credibility of elections and democratic governance as well as ensuring the acceptance of election results by all contesting parties.

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