Past Events

13 May 2022

‘Loud and Nuclear: The Peaceful Application of Nuclear Science and Technology in the Development Agenda’

4 May 2022

War in Ukraine: Taking stock

4 May 2022

The Climate-Conflict Nexus: Cabo Delgado and Beyond

26 April 2022

Security Implications of Climate Change with Special Reference to Africa

2 March 2022

US policy in Southern Africa

2 March 2022

Launch of India-Africa Relations: Changing Horizons by Rajiv Bhatia 

1 March 2022

Exploring the Potential Role of the IMF in Supporting South Africa’s Just Transition

24 February 2022

The Russia-Ukrainian conflict: What does it mean for Africa?

23 February 2022

South Africa and the BRICS: Revisiting Development Priorities

9 February 2022

A new beginning? Africa policy of the new German government

9 December 2021

A Year in Review: SAIIA’s Research Activity on the African Peer Review Mechanism

2 December 2021

Nuclear Energy in Africa: Governance, Financing and Peaceful Uses

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