Past Events

13 April 2021

African Agency and Chinese Power: The Fine Print

13 April 2021

New investment pathways towards sustainable, inclusive development

7 April 2021

South Africa’s Stake in Biden’s Success

31 March 2021

SADC’s readiness to take up 4IR opportunities

18 March 2021

How do African states vote on Human Rights issues?

2 March 2021

Creating an enabling environment for trade and regional cooperation in Africa

26 February 2021

Zimbabwe APRM Popular Sensitisation (ZAPS) Project

24 February 2021

South African APRM Popular Sensitisation (SAPS) Project

22 February 2021

Britain after Brexit

8 February 2021

A new ruling alliance in the DRC – what does it mean for the DRC’s future?

3 February 2021

COVID-19 Macroeconomic Policy Research in Africa Project Launch

28 January 2021

Digital Disruption in Africa

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