Past Events

2 May 2019

Japan and South Africa’s shared interests

17 April 2019

Digital democracy vs digital dictatorship

15 April 2019

Launch of Media and Mass Atrocity: The Rwanda Genocide and Beyond

9 April 2019

Central and Eastern Europe and Sub-Saharan Africa Engagement

3 April 2019

Representing Africa in the world: setting priorities for South Africa’s foreign policy

14 March 2019

The Scots, Catalans and Quebecois of Africa: studying secession, separatism and border change in uncertain times

7 March 2019

Japan and South Africa’s shared interests in the Indian Ocean

26 February 2019

Launch of the South African Journal of International Affairs Special Issue

12 February 2019

Reevaluating South African Foreign Policy studies

4 February 2019

African extractives governance: a dialogue between Europe and Africa

28 January 2019

Foresight Africa: Top priorities for Africa in 2019

24 January 2019

Conference on Marine and Coastal Ecosystem-based Adaptation