Past Events

12 May 2020

Regional and international cooperation and impact on the international system

5 May 2020

Assessing the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 in Africa and Latin America

30 April 2020

All events for March and April cancelled

20 March 2020

CANCELLED: COVID-19: Regional responses to a global emergency

11 March 2020

Promoting trade integration among IORA countries

9 March 2020

CANCELLED: Higher ambitions: Equality and progress in the new century

20 February 2020

The Square Kilometre Array: A global science opportunity

6 February 2020

France and Europe’s relations with Africa: French foreign policy in a changing world

28 January 2020

The role of BRICS in large-scale armed conflicts

22 January 2020

The future of Britain

5 December 2019

Introducing electric vehicles to Southern Africa

28 November 2019

Mozambique’s post election future

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