Hannah Sack

Hannah Sack is a Climate Change Researcher in SAIIA's Governance of Africa’s Resources programme.

Work Title
SAIIA Programme
Governance of Africa’s Resources
Areas of Expertise

Climate policy
Climate finance
Ecosystems-based adaptation




Hannah Sack is a climate change researcher in the Governance of Africa’s Resources Programme at SAIIA. She holds a Masters in Spatial, Transport and Environmental Economics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam as well as an Honours Degree in Economics from Stellenbosch University. Before joining SAIIA in 2022, Hannah worked as a Project Coordinator at OneWorld Sustainable Investments. During this time, she worked on several projects including, but not limited to, a World Bank funded project to support National Treasury in piloting a Climate Budget Tagging System in key sectors, a UNDP funded project focusing on mainstreaming gender in the implementation of South Africa’s revised NDC, and a GCF funded project to provide technical advisory services on the piloting of Country Programmes in the Seychelles, Mozambique and Mauritius. Hannah has also successfully completed an AfDB funded training course on Green Climate Fund Project Proposal Development. Her current work at SAIIA focuses on strengthening coastal ecosystems-based adaptation in the national climate responses of SADC’s coastal states.

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