China in Africa Policy Reports (2007-2008)

Image: Flickr, GovernmentZA
Image: Flickr, GovernmentZA

The China in Africa Policy Reports, published by SAIIA in 2007 and 2008, identify key areas governing Sino-African relations, provide a more substantive examination of these issues, and analyse the various angles.

Through policy-oriented research this series aims to assist government, civil society, trade unions and others to effectively deal with China’s presence on the continent.

China-Africa Policy Report No 6, 2008
Price Power: China’s role in the telecommunications sector of the Democratic Republic of Congo
by Gregory Mthembu-Salter

China-Africa Policy Report No 5, 2008
Banking on Africa: Chinese financial institutions and Africa
by Riaan Meyer and Chris Alden

China-Africa Policy Report No 4, 2008
China and Gabon: A Growing Resource Partnership
by Ana Cristina Alves

China-Africa Policy Report No 3, 2008
Ghana’s relations with China
by Isaac Idun-Arkhurst

China-Africa Policy Report No 2, 2008
China’s Lusophone Connection
by Ana Cristina Alves

China-Africa Policy Report No 1, 2007
China’s Development Policy in Africa
by Gernot Pehnelt and Martin Abel

12 Aug 2008