Public Sector Governance: Singapore and the Czech Republic

Image: Flickr, Yi Su
Image: Flickr, Yi Su

The Global Best Practice series examines a number of case studies in various sectors, with the aim of assessing their potential applicability in the Africa developmental context.

In the series, this is the fourth report. On Singapore, it looks at the various aspects that have resulted in the country’s economic success, such as the restructuring of the colonial economy to develop world-competitive industries. The country has also managed and resolved its crises and in the process created better resilience, reputation, credibility and confidence to handle such predicaments. The Czech Republic, on the other hand, has had good public sector governance as a factor in its success, since the end of the Cold War. Despite numerous difficulties, the government has consistently pursued economic transformation and transparency, and an end to corruption.

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ISBN: 1-919969-36-5
Published by SAIIA and funded by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation.

Series editor: Elizabeth Sidiropoulos

18 Apr 2008