Reviewing the G-20’s Development and Financial Inclusion Agendas

Image: Flickr, Herman Van Rompuy
Image: Flickr, Herman Van Rompuy

You are cordially invited to a G-20 Study Group Meeting: 'Reviewing the G20’s Development and Financial Inclusion Agendas,' organised by the South African Institute of International Affairs; the International Development Law Unit in the Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria; and Oxfam.

16 May, 2011

Venue: SRC Chamber, University of Pretoria Conference Centre

Conference Documents:

Reviewing the G-20 Financial Inclusion Agenda (Presentation by Ingrid Goodspeed) [Download.pdf]

The Development Agenda of the G-20 (Presentation by Alan Hirsch) [Download.pdf]

Comparison of Access Strands [Download.pdf]

Time: 09h30 – 15h30

Venue: SRC Chamber, University of Pretoria Conference Centre

To facilitate a frank dialogue, this workshop will take place under the Chatham House Rule, a morally binding convention which allows all or part of a meeting to be held ‘off the record’. In addition ‘Information gleaned under the Chatham House Rule may be reported [if so agreed], but the identity or affiliations of speakers must not be disclosed.’


09h30: 10h00: Registration

10h00-10h15: Welcome

Catherine Grant Makokera, South African Institute of International Affairs

Daniel Bradlow, IDLU, University of Pretoria

10h15-12h30: Panel 1: Progress on the G-20’s Development Agenda

The purpose of this panel is to provide an update on the ‘Seoul Consensus on Development’ since the November Seoul Summit. This ‘Consensus’ was welcomed by many stakeholders for its appropriateness to Africa, as it both addresses Africa’s economic needs and shies away from ‘one size fits all’ approaches to development. However, the agenda was broad requiring refinement, and questions remain about how a narrower agenda would be implemented in relation to the plethora of initiatives concerning African economic development.

Moderator: Elizabeth Sidiropoulos, SAIIA

Speaker: Alan Hirsch, The Presidency

Discussants: Innocent Matshe, African Economic Research Consortium

Peter Wolff, German Development Institute

Richard Gower, Oxfam

12h15-13h15: Lunch

13h15-15h15: Panel 2: Progress on the G-20’s Financial Inclusion Agenda.

The final inclusion agenda is a very important component of development as it aims to create and expand access to financial services for the poor. The Multi-Year Action Plan on Development, developed at the Seoul Summit, envisages the launch of the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI), for the effective and efficient actioning of the Financial Inclusion Action Plan. This panel will discuss the progress being made on the financial inclusion agenda in the G-20 and making recommendations going forward.

Moderator: Danny Bradlow, UP

Speaker: Ingrid Goodspeed, National Treasury

Discussants: Gabriel Davel, Alliance for Financial Inclusion

Maya Makanjee, Finmark Trust

15h15-15h30 Concluding remarks

16 May 2011