The Green Economy in the G-20, Post-Mexico: Implications for Russia

Image: Flickr, Herman Van Rompuy
Image: Flickr, Herman Van Rompuy

Over the past 20 years there has been a gradual shift in the concept of sustainable development towards an emphasis on a ‘green’ economy and the introduction of more environmental and social indicators in the understanding of sustainability and national well-being.

While this concept has also started to gain ground in Russia (where it is historically better known as the environmentalisation of the economy), it still remains a matter more of theory than practice. The main areas on which Russia should place greater emphasis to achieve its desired results are energy savings and energy efficiency, and rebalancing the economic structure, which remains far too dependent on the export of hydrocarbons. Although this paper looks at all the aspects related to the ‘greening’ of the Russian economy, such as the efficient use of natural capital, fighting pollution and accumulated environmental damage, managing waste and ensuring social protection, the most emphasis is placed on the energy sector, guidelines for further actions, proposed initiatives and the results achieved.

2 Jul 2014

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