Third Time’s a Charm? Reflections on the First and Second APRM Reports of Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda

Image: Getty, In Pictures Ltd/Corbis
Image: Getty, In Pictures Ltd/Corbis

The African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) was designed to enhance governance on the continent through self-assessment and the sharing of experiences between countries.


  • Since the establishment of the African Peer Review Mechanism in 2003, it has always been the intention that member countries be reviewed periodically.
  • While 24 countries have completed their first APRM country review reports, only three – Kenya, Mozambique and Uganda – have thus far been reviewed for a second time.
  • This special report analyses the progress or otherwise between the first and second reviews in these three countries, and draws comparisons between them.
  • It focuses mainly on the ‘democracy on political governance’ and the ‘socio-economic development’ sections of both reports for each of these countries.
  • While some improvements are noted, especially in the passing of legislation and promulgation of regulations, many other governance weaknesses still featured in the second reports more than a decade later.

30 Oct 2021