Unlocking the Circular Economy Potential of African Island States

Image: Flickr, Gran Comoros/John Crane
Image: Flickr, Gran Comoros/John Crane

African island states are heavily dependent on the extraction of natural resources, while accumulating considerable amounts of waste.


  • The ‘circular economy’ concept is highly relevant to African island states, given that they are dependent on resource extraction and generate significant amounts of waste.
  • Appropriate policy action and multi-stakeholder partnerships are needed to scale emerging good practice related to the circular economy in African island states.
  • An enabling policy and regulatory environment is needed to develop further circular economy practices in African island states, including addressing incentives that favour current extraction-based and wasteful production and consumption patterns.
  • Broader knowledge among all stakeholder groupings, including policymakers, business and the broader public, is needed to strengthen the adoption of circular economy practices.
  • Circular economy practices can play a key part in helping African island states in their ambitions to develop sustainable Blue Economies.

11 Jul 2022