Walking with the Bear? Russia and the A3 in the UN Security Council

Image: Getty, Andrew Burton
Image: Getty, Andrew Burton

The UN Security Council (UNSC) has faced some of its most significant challenges in recent years.


  • Recently, numerous deadlocks in the UN Security Council (UNSC) have led to paralysis, which has eroded the perceived legitimacy of the council in effectively responding to global crises.
  • Russia’s role in these dynamics has come under scrutiny, specifically as a ‘loud dissenter’ to, and strident challenger of, Western views and perspectives.
  • The popular perception is that African states on the council (the A3) have been strongly influenced by Russian (and Chinese) positions.
  • However, through a statistical evaluation of UNSC voting patterns from 2014–2020, this policy insight is not able to support the notion of such influence on African voting patterns.
  • UNSC voting pattern data from 2014-2020 suggests that Russia’s influence over the African grouping is often exaggerated or misplaced. 

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26 Oct 2021