‘BRICS and Africa: Navigating Global Economic Turbulence Together’: Second session panel discussion.

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Global economic governance reform and economic cooperation are two key pillars of BRICS cooperation. This panel discussion takes stock of the bloc’s achievements and the challenges that it has encountered over its first decade, specifically focusing on the World Bank and the IMF and its own efforts towards the creation of alternative institutions. It will also explore the various Africa focused economic cooperation initiatives of individual BRICS members and discuss how intra-BRICS cooperation on economic and financial concerns could be better coordinated to respond to African priorities. Panelist from left to right: Ms Susana Caputi, Senior Associate, Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies associated with UNISA, Institute for Global Dialogue; Mr Cyril Prinsloo, Researcher, SAIIA; Ms Mmakgoshi Lekhethe, Executive Director, African Development Bank; Prof Daniel Bradlow, SARChI Professor of International Development Law and African Economic Relations, University of Pretoria; Dr Chuka Onyekwena, Executive Director, Centre for the Study of the Economies of Africa and Ms Anzetse Were, Development Economist, Anzetse Were Consulting.

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