Chinese support for Africa’s high speed rail networks

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The integration of transport networks within Africa has long been a priority for the continent, for reasons of trade and political development. Last week, the dream to connect all major African cities through a high-speed railway network took a critical step forward with the signing of a five-year action plan between the African Union and China.

The Integrated High Speed Train Network is set to be a flagship project of Africa’s continental Agenda 2063. This five-year plan is a result of numerous planning sessions and exchange visits between the African Union and China to promote co-operation in the related fields of railway, road, aviation and industrialisation.

What are the key milestones and implementation timelines of the project? And what economic, social and political outcomes will be produced by Africa’s new High-Speed Rail Network? CCTV aired a comprehensive look at these questions over the weekend, interviewing a range of experts, including SAIIA’s Rudolf Du Plessis.

17 Oct 2016