Restoring multilateral trade co-operation

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As the World Trade Organization enters a period of readjustment after the Bali deal, there is a need to search for new ideas that can assist in revitalising multilateral trade negotiations. SAIIA and the Cordell Hull Institute have co-ordinated an exciting new project, ‘Restoring Multilateral Trade Co-operation Project’, in partnership with the World Bank and a network of developing-country think tanks.

This project aims to help reinvigorate dialogue concerning the different positions of economies in relation to emerging trends in global trade, such as the rise of megaregional groups and the growth of global value chains.

The project has hosted roundtable dialogues in South Korea, Brazil, South Africa, Bangladesh and China.

15 Oct 2015

Video Creator

Riona Judge McCormack

SAIIA Programme

Economic Diplomacy


Project: Revitalising Multilateral Trade, World Trade Organisation (WTO)

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