President Obama’s Whirlwind Visit to Africa

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United States President Barack Obama visits Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa between 26 of June and 3 of July 2013. Dr. Scott Firsing, former SAIIA Bradlow Fellow in 2012, is interviewed on US engagement with the African continent, which has been the subject of his research.

Key questions asked of Dr Firsing in this video include:

  • President Obama will be visiting Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa this week. How would you define US engagement with the African continent at present?
  • The Obama administration has developed what they call a “strategy” for better engagement with Sub-Saharan Africa. Why is there a need for this strategy?
  • What do you think President Obama will be remembered for from an African perspective specifically?

This is number twelve in a series of video interviews by the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA).

Video © Chevon Erasmus Porter, Riona Judge McCormack/SAIIA