Financing for development: Resources

Photo © David Holt/ flickr
Komanda bridge in Zaire, taken in 1995.

Last week, at the United Nations Third International Conference on Financing for Development, in Addis Ababa, the 193 UN Member States agreed on a series of measures to overhaul global finance practices and generate investments for tackling a range of development challenges.

The agreement, the Addis Ababa Action Agenda, provides a foundation for implementing the global sustainable development agenda that world leaders are expected to adopt this September. In light of this historic Agenda, SAIIA has put together a series of analyses, papers and briefings relating to financing for development in Africa:

Short insights and analysis

Read a new analysis piece published today: Involving the private sector in financing infrastructure for development, opinion piece
Two very short Policy Insights papers are also available, From natural resource dependence to diversified economies: An agenda for future research, and Development, Sustainability and Social Justice: The Elusive Balancing Act of African Fisheries Governance in Policy.


Case studies

PERISA Case Study: Donors Versus Investors in Southern African Infrastructure Development

PERISA Case Study: Financing of Infrastructure

PERISA Case Study: Analysing the Development Process for Infrastructure Projects in SADC

PERISA Case Study: Lesotho Highlands – Water Woes or Win–Wins

  • Revamping Artisanal Gold Mining in Zimbabwe to Catalyse Poverty Reduction
  • Africa’s Extractive Governance Architecture: Lessons to Inform a Shifting Agenda
  • Increasing the Economic Value and Contribution of Protected Areas in Africa
  • Blue Carbon: The Opportunity of Coastal Sinks for Africa
  • What are Botswana’s options for economic diversification?

    Long papers

    • Bonds: A Viable Alternative for Financing Africa’s Development
    • Assessing Competitive Resource Tenders as an option for Mining Rights Allocation in South Africa