Razeen Sally at SAIIA


This month saw a visit to South Africa by Dr Razeen Sally at the invitation of the Development through Trade Programme. Dr Sally gave a compelling presentation on the global economic crisis and the emergence of protectionism to a packed roundtable venue in Pretoria on 19 May. During his brief stay in the country, he also partook in a number of interviews with media such as CNBC Africa, Classic FM, the Mail & Guardian and Business Day.

Dr Sally is co-director of the international economic policy think tank, European Centre for International Political Economy, and has taught at the London School of Economics for over fifteen years. His research has focused on the World Trade Organisation, European Union trade policy, the history of economic ideas and the position of developing countries in the world economy.  

Dr Sally’s resume indicates the extensive work he has done. He has been a visiting researcher at the Institut D’Etudes Politiques, the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies and the University of Hong Kong. He has also held a number of advisory positions to various governments, businesses and international organisations, and is also a Senior Research Associate at SAIIA.

Click here to read the opinion piece he co-authored with Fredrik Erixon on the emergence of protectionism in the wake of the global financial crisis.

17 Jun 2009