New Global Economic Governance Africa website launched


Featuring the latest analysis, news, videos and documents from around the world, the GEGAfrica website is set to be the primary knowledge centre in Africa on global economic governance issues such as the G20, BRICS, G7/8, IBSA, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund. 

A new Global Economic Governance Africa (GEGAfrica) website has just been launched. This website is part of the GEGAfrica project, a joint initiative of the International Development Law Unit at the University of Pretoria and SAIIA.

GEGAfrica is a network of African think-tanks and scholars working on issues of global economic governance and how they affect Africa. GEGAfrica undertakes and promotes research driven by African needs, advises policymakers, and stimulates and informs public and media interest on global economic governance.

Among the recent materials added to the website are a series of video interviews with researchers from the BRICS nations, analysis of the leadership change in China, and assessments of African positions in G20 decisions.

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