Paying tribute to a great man of the liberation generation

Image: Getty, William Campbell/Sygma
Image: Getty, William Campbell/Sygma

SAIIA’s National Council and staff sent their condolences to the people of Zambia following the passing of the country’s founding president, Kenneth Kaunda.

In a letter addressed to the Zambian High Commissioner, SAIIA National Chairman Moeletsi Mbeki and SAIIA Chief Executive Elizabeth Sidiropoulos said:

‘President Kaunda will forever be part of the pantheon of liberation leaders of Southern Africa, and will be remembered as a modest and humble man, notwithstanding his stature. He was not only the father of Zambia’s independence from the British, he was also a central player and supporter of liberation movements in the rest of the region, hosting both the ANC and SWAPO at great cost to his own country.

‘His contribution and service to the region continued after he stepped down as president in 1991. In his retirement he became the region’s respected elder statesman. The outpouring of tributes since his passing is testament to the high esteem he was held in, around the world.

‘Africa has lost a great man of the liberation generation, but his legacy lives on.’

Chairman Mbeki and Council member Isaac Nkama and share their personal memories of Kaunda in these clips:

Listen to Chairman Mbeki paying tribute to Kaunda on the BBC World Service.