SAIIA 80th Anniversary Campaign: Sponsor a Delegate!


On 12 May 2014, we celebrate 80 years since SAIIA’s founding. For this special milestone, the Institute will focus on the future – involving young South Africans in international affairs.

A new campaign invites you to help ensure that our youth programmes are provided free of charge to learners across the country.

SAIIA’S 80th Anniversary Appeal to you: ‘Sponsor a Delegate’

For over 20 years, SAIIA has been involved in youth development programmes to interest young South Africans in international affairs (click here to see more). Our programmes create a forum where young people and educators from various cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds work together and find solutions to pressing global issues.

Participants in our various youth programmes are called delegates because they take on the responsibility of representing a country or sectoral interest group in the debate. A group of delegates from a particular school form a delegation that is officially accredited to the programme.

Learners are not charged for participation, but the average cost to SAIIA per delegate is R500. Although SAIIA is most grateful for the support it currently receives from existing donors, there are still many needs that require funding. These include library resources, audio-visual equipment, seed funding to provide start-up for new programmes, and assistance to learners (who would otherwise have difficulty in participating in the programme) for transport and learning materials.

Levels of Giving

Our appeal to you is for sponsorship of participants in the Youth@SAIIA schools development programme at one of the following levels:

  • Contribute towards a delegate (or more than one) = R200
  • Sponsor a delegate (or more than one) = R500
  • Sponsor a delegation (or more than one) = R2000
  • Sponsor a school’s participation (or more than one) = R10 000

Contributions to the campaign are tax-deductible in terms of SAIIA’s status as a public benefit organisation. Section 18 A tax certificates are available on request to campaign donors. All funds raised through the campaign will be held in a SAIIA anniversary account and will be disbursed in accordance with SAIIA financial policies. Funds raised in the Western Cape will be disbursed by the SAIIA Western Cape Branch Committee in consultation with the SAIIA Directors.

How do I make my contribution?

Donations can be paid into the designated SAIIA bank account (details below) by deposit at a Bank, or by electronic funds transfer.

Name of Bank: Standard Bank
Account Number: 201110350
Branch: Braamfontein
Branch Code: 004805
Swift Code: SBZ AZA JJ

For further information please contact Desirée Kosciulek on or telephone +27 (0) 11 339 2021.

Watch the inspiring new video below to see how high-school learners Lindokuhle, Melanie, Shu-ting, Raeesa, Aqeel and Annabel have been transformed by their experience in our programmes.


About the Youth@SAIIA programmes

SAIIA’s youth development programmes, collectively known as “Youth@SAIIA”, have empowered participating learners to make the voice of South African youth heard in debates on key national and global issues of governance, economic development, inequality, gender, sustainable development and climate change.  Crucially, learners are equipped not only to research and analyse these issues, but also suggest workable solutions to policymakers.

Model United Nations (MUN): An opportunity for learners to research and debate international topics together, and learn how the UN and other international and regional bodies function.

Environmental Sustainability Project (ESP): A schools-outreach competition that requires teams of learners to research a topic related to environmental sustainability, and to consider what possible recommendations or solutions they would propose to policy makers at a local, national, or international level. The ESP was nominated for the prestigious Mail and Guardian Greening the Future Awards 2014.

Inter-school Quizzes: Quizzes focused on international events and current issues facing South Africa. Learners prepare by reading relevant resource material, including newspapers. The highly successful Western Cape Quiz, organised by the SAIIA Branch there, is now in its 22nd year.

SAIIA Young Leaders Conference (YLC): Top participants from all of SAIIA’s youth programmes are invited to take part in this annual, week-long conference in Johannesburg.  At the conference, learners are given the opportunity to hear from experts on international issues, negotiate in committees, and finally present their recommendations and solutions to the UN and government officials.

The enthusiasm of learners has been overwhelming and SAIIA has struggled to keep up with the requests from schools.

18 May 2014