Trade Knowledge Network

Image: Flickr, Russell Street
Image: Flickr, Russell Street

The SAIIA Development Through Trade programme (now part of the Economic Diplomacy programme) coordinates a regional network of researchers under the banner of Trade Knowledge Network. 

The Trade Knowledge Network (TKN) is a global collaboration of research institutions across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas working on issues of trade and sustainable development. Coordinated by the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), the TKN links network members, strengthens capacity and generates new research to assess and address the impact of trade and investment policies on sustainable development.

The overarching aim of the TKN is to help ensure that trade and investment contribute to sustainable development, with social development and the environment equitably addressed in trade and investment policies. The TKN furthers this aim by generating compelling research with clear policy recommendations and communicating those effectively to decision makers nationally, regionally and globally. TKN research can be found at

Recent publications on our sustainable development work in Southern Africa include:

South Africa’s Energy Security in the Context of Climate Change Mitigation
by Sheila Kiratu

Regional Energy Security Dynamics in Southern Africa: Electricity Mixes in the Context of Global Climate Change Mitigation Pressures
by Ivan Mbirimi

Energy Security in Mozambique
by Hélder Chambal

Energy Security in South America and Southern Africa: Synthesis Report
by Sheila Kiratu

Trade and Environment: Emerging Dynamics for Namibia’s Sustainable Development
Summary Policy Brief: Jessica Jones and Juliane Zeidler, 2009

How Might Agriculture Develop in Southern Africa? Making Sense of Complexity
Paper: Peter Draper, Sheila Kiratu, Tanja Hichert, 2009

Agriculture: Future Scenarios for Southern Africa – Ensuring Food Security through Trade Policy
Paper: Hilton E. Zunckel, 2009

Agriculture: Future Scenarios for Southern Africa – Food Production in Mozambique and Rising Global Food Prices
Paper: Gilberto Biacuana, 2009

Agriculture: Future Scenarios for Southern Africa – Country Briefing – Namibia
Paper: Mona Frøystad, Jürgen Hoffmann, Klaus Schade, 2009

Agriculture: Future Scenarios for Southern Africa – The Livestock Sector in Zambia and Rising Food Prices
Paper: Humphrey Mulemba, 2009

Agriculture: Future Scenarios for Southern Africa – A Case Study of Zimbabwe’s Food Security
Paper: Evangelista Mudzonga, Tendai Chigwada, 2009

Sustainable Development: The missing piece in the Southern African Customs Union’s regional trading arrangements?
Paper: Wolfe Braude, Khutsafalo Sekolokwane, 2008