Deon Cloete

Dr Deon Cloete is the Programme Head of the Futures Programme at SAIIA.

Work Title
Head: SAIIA Futures Programme
SAIIA Programme
SAIIA Futures
Areas of Expertise

Complexity-informed Strategic Foresight & Futures Literacy
Systemic Innovation & Change
Anticipatory Governance




Dr Deon Cloete is the Programme Head of the Futures Programme at the South African Institute of International Affairs. He leads the institute in building African foresight and innovation capacity to anticipate and prepare for major political, economic, social, security, technological and environmental disruptors facing the SADC region. This is done by discovering new possibilities for systemic innovation and anticipatory governance. He is an experienced facilitator of interpersonal, organisational and large-scale transformative change with a focus on ‘systems change curation’ for sustainable and just transitions. His research focus spans complexity-informed approaches to systemic change, innovation and transformative futures. This is done by re-imagining complex systems change and the roles of cross-scale change agents and by building anticipatory systems capabilities. He researches and consults national, regional, continental, and global stakeholders cross-sectorally, but also a wide range of other development agencies, research groups, organisations, and local governments. Deon graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a PhD in Complex Systems Change and Innovation in collaboration with the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition.

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