SADC e-Mobility Outlook: A Zimbabwean Case Study

The current landscape in the Zimbabwean transport sector is characterised by high operating costs which in turn increases production costs for industry and commerce, thereby negatively affecting the competitiveness of Zimbabwean-made products in the region.

SADC E-Mobility

This project aims to explore the impact of large-scale adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV) and the global E-Mobility revolution on Southern Africa against the backdrop of rapid climate change and the rise of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Leveraging EVs for clean mobility, energy access and prosperity in SADC

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) was established with the key objective of enhancing regional economic integration for the benefit of its inhabitants. It is home to an estimated 363 million people, of whom many still lack adequate access to both energy and mobility services.

Electric vehicle battery manufacturing: Why SADC needs to act now

As we try to navigate the disruption that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused to our lives and livelihoods, I listen to people talk about what they will do “when things go back to normal”. But things will not go back to normal; at least not the normal that we were accustomed to before 2020.

SADC e-Mobility Scenarios: Pathways beyond the ICE Age

In preparing this report, SAIIA’s Futures programme brought together a number of industry experts, government representatives, academics and thinkers using a scenarios-building methodology to explore the implications of the roll-out of EVs in the SADC region.