Africa: how the G20 can drive development in a changing global environment

Image: Getty, Bloomberg / Contributor
Image: Getty, Bloomberg / Contributor

SAIIA recently joined the world’s leading think tanks in Tokyo, Japan, from 26 to 27 May at the Think 20 Summit of the Japanese presidency.

The Think20 (T20) network comprises 10 task forces, which have produced a number of proposals on policy innovations to help G20 leaders address pressing global challenges and seek a sustainable, inclusive and resilient society.

SAIIA co-chaired the Africa task force, which includes the T20 Africa Standing Group, which was established in 2017. The members of the Group, drawn from African and G20 think tanks, produced the following briefings that tackle various policy issues including fiscal and debt sustainability, the G20 Compact with Africa, industrial development, agricultural development, food security, governance, and taxation:

Furthermore, the Global Economic Governance programme that SAIIA participated in, has produced a number of studies on related topics including e-commerce, infrastructure financing and tax:

27 May 2019