Africa’s Nuclear Future: Increasing the Participation of Women and Youth

Image: Getty, Florent Vergnes/AFP
Image: Getty, Florent Vergnes/AFP

Nuclear science and technology are expected to play an increasingly important role in Africa in the near future. Nuclear power, nuclear medicine, nuclear applications in agriculture and nuclear research are all expected to enhance development.


  • The importance of nuclear science and technology in Africa is increasing as the continent continues to battle challenges relating to health, food security and access to electricity.
  • Nuclear medicine and several other peaceful applications of nuclear energy could help Africa overcome these challenges and enhance development on the continent overall.
  • Proportionally, women and youth make up large sections of the population in Africa. It is therefore important that they are included in the nuclear industry and nuclear policy, thereby playing an active part in improving their own lives and the lives of others.
  • The AU is committed to gender equality and increased youth participation through several important frameworks and programmes. It should ensure that these commitments are honoured in practice.
  • Several challenges at the national, regional and continental level still prevent the benefits of nuclear science and technology from being fully realised.
  • Part of the solution involves increasing education and training programmes to enhance human resources, while also investing more in the appropriate infrastructure to reap the benefits of the peaceful application of nuclear science and technology.

19 Sep 2022