Asia-Pacific and Africa: Realising Economic Potential

Image: Flickr, Steve Cadman
Image: Flickr, Steve Cadman

This book, a compilation of papers presented at a conference at the South African Institute of International Affairs on The Asia-Pacific and Africa: Realising Economic Potential, highlights the areas of opportunity in South and Southern Africa’s commercial relations with countries in the Asia-Pacific region.

The economic success of East Asia offers a pragmatic model for development. Africa could emulate this by establishing mutually beneficial partnerships with some of the world’s fastest growing economies. Two-way trade between South Africa and countries in the Asia-Pacific region has increased significantly over the past decade, and government and business alike need to formulate strategies in order to expand this further.

With long-term forecasts predicting an increasingly important role for the Asia-Pacific, Africa should do more to engage the region politically and economically. A more constructive and concerted interaction with the Asia-Pacific would lead to increased exports and services, attract investment and involve some of the region’s wealthiest economies in helping to alleviate poverty in Africa.

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