Democratising the BRICS image through inclusive global agendas

Photo © Elizabeth Sidiropoulos/ SAIIA

The BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa) Academic Forum in Moscow took place from 21-23 May 2015.

SAIIA’s chief executive Elizabeth Sidiropoulos was invited to take part as a member of the South African delegation.

Under the title of ‘Co-operation for growth, security and prosperity’, the Academic Forum comprised 11 themes ranging from the plenary on ‘Building a Fair World Order’ to breakaway sessions on reforming the international financial system, ICT and Internet governance, the integrity of the rules-based trade regime, social problems and quality of life, and peace and security.

Elizabeth Sidiropoulos presented at the breakaway session ‘BRICS and the outside world: Perceptions and Opportunities for managing BRICS image’.

Download the draft paper based on her presentation: Democratising the BRICS image through inclusive global agendas 

21 May 2015