People, States and Regions – Building a Collaborative Security Regime in Southern Africa


This book assesses the achievements of Southern African security integration in a comparative perspective. Edited by Dr Anne Hammerstad, it highlights some of the main challenges facing SADC and suggests some potential ways they could be overcome by learning from other regional initiatives.

It argues that, of the regional organisations reviewed, SADC could – in particular – benefit from emulating some of the practical policies developed by the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe to build and strengthen democratic governance and the rule of law in member states. SADC would also do well to take a closer look at ECOWAS’s border approach to dealing proactively with political crises in the West African region.

The book compares the vision of the SADC’s regional security integration scheme, set out in various regional agreements, with its reality. Then it places SADC’s security integration efforts within the greater picture of the transformation of Africa’s security architecture. Lastly, it reviews SADC’s efforts in a global comparative perspective by looking at the efforts of other regional organisations such as the OSCE and the ASEAN

ISBN: 1-919969-34-9

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