The Zambia–China Co-operation Zone at a Crossroads: What Now?

Image: Flickr, Office Holidays
Image: Flickr, Office Holidays

China in Africa Project – within the Global Powers and Africa programme.

The Zambia–China Cooperation Zone (ZCCZ) was the first Chinese economic and trade co-operation zone to be established in Africa. The project emerged from converging interests on both sides: China’s interest in Zambia’s copper reservoirs and Lusaka’s desire to develop a manufacturing base around its mining sector. The policy briefing analyses how the zone came into being, its achievements and the current challenges it faces. It highlights a number of shortcomings at the implementation level that need to be addressed urgently, by both Chinese investors and Zambian authorities, if the ZCCZ is to move beyond low-skilled labour employment and resources supply.

22 Dec 2011

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SAIIA Policy Briefing No 41, December 2011
Asia Pacific, Sub-Saharan Africa
China, Zambia
SAIIA Programme
Foreign Policy
Employment & Labour, Trade, Zambia-China Cooperation Zone (ZCCZ), investors
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