Trade Policy Reports (2003-2008)

SAIIA's Trade Policy Report series, published between July 2003 and September 2008, covers a range of trade-related issues.

Topics include matters such as South Africa’s current account deficit, intellectual property rights and South-South economic co-operation.

Trade Report No 25; September 2008
South Africa’s Current Account Deficit: Are Proposed Cures Worse than the Disease?
Peter Draper and Andreas Freytag

Trade Report No 24; October 2008
Protecting International Investors in SACU: Towards Harmonisation
Sheila Kiratu

Trade Report No 23; August 2008
Intellectual Property Rights and South Africa’s Innovation Future
Samantha Gregory

Trade Report No 22; July 2008
Trade futures 2014: The WTO and Southern Africa’s External Trade Relations
Tanja Hichert, Peter Draper and Philip Alves

Trade Report No 21; June 2008
Non-Tariff Barriers to Trade in Southern Africa: Towards a Measurement Approach
Costa Pierides

Trade Report No 20; May 2008
The Cost of Non-tariff Barriers to Business along the North-South Corridor (South Africa-Zimbabwe) via Beit Bridge
A Preliminary Study
Gregory Mthembu-Salter

Trade Report No 19; February 2007
Will Chinese Trade Preferences Aid African LDCs?
Adam Minson

Trade Report No 18; October 2007
The Political Economy of Trade Liberalisation: What Lessons for Reforms Today?
Razeen Sally

Trade Report No 17; June 2007
Southern and Eastern Africa, the Doha Agenda and Aid for Trade
Catherine Grant

Trade Report No 16; July 2007
Trade in Services: From controlling to managing the Movement of Persons in SADC
Nkululeko Khumalo

Trade Report No 15; February 2007
SACU, Regional Integration, and the Overlap Issue in Southern Africa: From Spaghetti to Cannelloni?
Peter Draper, Durrell Halleson, Phil Alves

Trade Report No 14; February 2007
Engaging Asia’s Biggest Tiger: Exploring the Contours of a SACU-China Trade Deal
Phil Alves

Trade Report No 13,· May 2006
The Aerospace Industry: Prospects for Strategic Cooperation among the IBSA Countries
Mills Soko

Trade Report No 12; May 2006
South-South Economic Cooperation: The India-Brazil-South Africa Case
Mills Soko

Trade Report No 11; May 2006
Developing a Comprehensive IBSA Strategy on WTO Agriculture Negotiations
Catherine Grant

Trade Report No 10; May 2006
Services Trade in Southern Africa: A Literature Survey and Overview
Nkululeko Khumalo

Trade Report No 9; February 2006
Identifying Export Opportunities for SACU in the US Market
Nnzeni Netshitomboni, Christopher Stevens and Jane Kennan

Trade Report No 8; November 2005
Developing Country Coalitions in Multilateral Trade Negotiations: Aligning the Majors?
Peter Draper and Razeen Sally

Trade Report No 7; July 2005
The TDCA: Impacts, Lessons and Perspectives for EU-South and Southern African Relations
Report on the SAIIA Conference, 4-5 November 2004
Talitha Bertelsmann-Scott and Peter Draper (eds.)

Trade Report No 6; December 2004
Reflections on Approaching an FTA Negotiation with Mercosur: A Review of Key Issues
Simon Roberts

Trade Report No 5; November 2004
Understanding Indian Trade Policy: Implications for the Indo-SACU Agreement
Philip Alves

Trade Report No 4; May 2004
US Trade Strategy after Cancun: Prospects and Implications for the SACU–US FTA
Peter Draper and Mills Soko

Trade Report No 3; February 2004
AGOA, Africa and Agriculture: South Africa’s Experience
Matthew Stern and Nnzeni Netshitomboni
This paper was supported in part by the World Bank-Netherlands Partnership Programme

Trade Report No 2; December 2003
Africa After Cancun: Trade Negotiations in Uncertain Times
Development through Trade and Nepad Governance Projects

Trade Report No 1; July 2003
To Liberalise or Not to Liberalise? A Review of the South African Government’s Trade Policy
Peter Draper