Zimbabwe Elections 2005 – Prospects Towards 2008

Image: Flickr, Commonwealth Secretariat
Image: Flickr, Commonwealth Secretariat

The South African Institute of International Affairs convened a half-day conference on Zimbabwe, "Zimbabwe Election 2005 – Interpretations, Implications, Prospects Towards 2008", with the objective of providing a constructive platform for the exchange of viewpoints and to develop ideas about the prospects for the country in the years preceding the presidential election scheduled for 2008.

SAIIA invited a range of actors to participate in the event – ZANU-PF, the MDC, an independent MP, a Zimbabwean civil society organization, as well as South African parliamentarians from across the political spectrum who had participated as observers during the 2005 parliamentary election in Zimbabwe. Despite their acceptance to participate, no representative from ZANU-PF or the South African government attended. A number of key observations and constructive recommendations emerged from the conference.

The accompanying report is a summation of the proceedings.

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