REPORT: BRICS Economic Strategy Study Group

In the run-up to the BRICS Summit at the end of March 2012, the South African Institute of International Affairs and the International Development Law Unit at the University of Pretoria jointly hosted a study group on South Africa’s approach to BRICS in support of the core economic priorities of the Government of South Africa. This was also an opportunity to analyse the value-add of BRICS membership to South Africa’s economic priorities and to review the progress made so far since South Africa’s admission to the group.

In the welcome remarks, the speaker from the Wits Business School applauded the inclusion of South Africa in the BRICS group which she regarded as being an indication that South Africa is now a force to reckon with in global economic governance matters. The speaker also highlighted the usefulness of such study group sessions in helping map a way forward for South Africa’s BRICS strategy.

Download: BRICS Economic Strategy Study Group Report 12 March 2012