The Surveys Behind “A Business Vision for Africa”

Image: Flickr, World Bank Photo Collection
Image: Flickr, World Bank Photo Collection

Doing Business in 2004: Understanding Regulation, a collaboration by the World Bank, International Finance Corporation and Oxford University.

This extensive new study examined the quality of governance and regulation in 130 countries and the impact particularly on smaller, domestic companies previously overlooked by past research.

The Global Competitiveness Report, based on the World Economic Forum’s latest Executive Opinion Survey (to be released in early 2004). WEF created a measure of national economic competitiveness based on three broad indices: the quality of public institutions, the level of technology and the macroeconomic environment. All three indices are based on a survey of some 8,000 business executives in 102 countries, including nearly 2,000 responses from 25 African countries.

The Business Environment Survey 2003, conducted by the Commonwealth Business Council. This study compared private-sector views on the environment for business and investment in 31 Commonwealth countries, including 16 in Africa.

The Foreign Direct Investor Perceptions in Sub-Saharan African 2003, published by The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO). This survey polled 758 enterprises with more than 30% foreign capital in Africa.

African Elite Perspectives on AU and Nepad (released January 2004), by South African researchers Hennie Kotze and Carly Steyn and funded by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. The survey questioned ‘elites’ in government, civil society organisations, academia, trade unions and other key sectors in Algeria, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Uganda and Zimbabwe.