Africa’s women and the promotion of peaceful uses of nuclear science and technology

Image: Getty, Morsa Images
Image: Getty, Morsa Images

This policy insight explores the absence of women in security-development discourse and practice through an African lens.


  • While nuclear weapons are a threat to development, the peaceful application of nuclear science and technology can benefit humanity.
  • Women are underrepresented in multilateral forums that deal with security, especially those relating to nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction.
  • Historically, African delegations have the lowest rates of women representation in forums on nuclear disarmament.
  • Excluding women from security and disarmament forums is a drastic oversight and hinders development.
  • Africa will benefit from the inclusion of more women in peace and security dialogues and can also use the peaceful applications of nuclear science and technology to promote women’s rights and their inclusion.

7 Dec 2022