Driving a sunflower value chain in Malawi: challenges and opportunities

Image: Getty, AFP / Eric Cabanis
Image: Getty, AFP / Eric Cabanis

This policy briefing seeks to explore the potential for developing a domestic sunflower value chain (VC) in Malawi. It examines the different but interconnected roles that various stages of the VC play in driving the sunflower industry as a whole in Malawi, highlighting current bottlenecks and positive developments.

The briefing first gives an overview of the sunflower crop and its VC, placing this within the context of sunflower production and processing in Malawi. It then examines the constraints that both domestic producers and cost-effective relationships. It ends with recommendations to improve sunflower’s contribution to agriculture and industrial development in Malawi, emphasising the need for existing stakeholders in Malawi’s domestic sunflower VC to collaborate in creating awareness of and providing information on sunflower production techniques and processing uses.

23 Nov 2018

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Research by
SAIIA Policy Briefing No 179, November 2018
Sub-Saharan Africa
SAIIA Programme
Economic Diplomacy
Agriculture, sunflowers
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