Online briefing: Regional Integration


SAIIA and the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM) have been working on a joint project that examines the political economy of regional integration in Southern Africa.

The two organisations held a two-day meeting on the 2nd and 3rd of July 2013 to discuss this issue with various stakeholders. A series of short video briefings providing insights into the latest thinking on regional integration have been produced from this meeting:

Regional Integration Part 1, with Dr Bruce Byiers of the ECDPM: Overview of key issues

Regional Integration Part 2, with Ambassador Kaire Mbuende: Market and functional integration, and how national interests drive the regional integration agenda

Regional Integration Part 3, with Michele Ruiters of DBSA: Infrastructure planning, and the need for a SADC industrial plan

Regional Integration Part 4, with Gus Mandigora of Oxfam: Involving non-state actors in the Tripartite Free Trade Area negotiations

Four papers were also produced for the event:

  • Session 1: Development Corridors in Southern Africa: A dialogue on economic and political drivers and constraints of regional integration
  • Session 2: Southern African Private Sector Drivers of Regional Integration
  • Session 3: The Complexities of Regional Infrastructure Planning
  • Session 4: The Management of Regional Public Goods in Favour of Regional Integration

Click here to read these papers and other documents about the event.

The first in the series of short video briefings, with Bruce Byiers from ECDPM

Video © Chevon Erasmus Porter, Riona Judge McCormack/SAIIA

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