Safety and Security of Nuclear Facilities and Materials in Africa

Image: Getty, RHJ
Image: Getty, RHJ

Nuclear power is becoming a prominent item on the African agenda as more countries consider including it in their energy mix.


  • Low-profile nuclear incidents have occurred in Africa over the years, but these have not always been made known to the public at the time.
  • The number of African states interested in nuclear energy is rising, making nuclear safety and security increasingly important considerations.
  • Nuclear accidents are not the only concern; there is also a risk of radioactive material falling into the wrong hands.
  • Through the Pelindaba Treaty and adherence to international nuclear safety and security standards, Africa is creating the regulatory environment necessary to ensure the safe and peaceful use of nuclear energy on the continent.
  • Regional and international cooperation are also crucial to ensure the safety, security and peaceful use of nuclear applications.

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12 Aug 2022