Unlocking Africa’s Potential: The role of corporate South Africa in strengthening Africa’s private sector


Since 1994, South Africa firms have emerged as some of the largest investors in the rest of Africa. Present in a wide range of sectors across the continent, they have been involved in changing not only Africa's cityscapes and societies, but also, significantly, the conduct of business in the region.

This volume draws together authors from different parts of the world who are keenly interested in the development of Africa’s private sector. Based in part on the research that the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) has conducted on the experiences of South African companies in 9 countries across the continent, the volume takes as its standpoint the view that sustainable development in Africa can only be achieved if the private sector is allowed to flourish. Highlighting the importance of public-private partnership in achieving this vision, it offers recommendations on how to strengthen the private sector in Africa for policy-makers interested in the continent’s development.

4 Nov 2008