Latest Journal Available: ‘Emerging Africa: Critical Transitions’

Photo © Riona Judge McCormack/ SAIIA

The South African Journal of International Affairs (SAJIA) has released its latest edition, Volume 20.1. This special issue, entitled ‘Emerging Africa: Critical Transitions’, is guest edited by Daniel C. Bach.

The ‘Emerging Africa’ narrative is marked by perceptions and policy interactions around Africa which are no longer informed by violence and corruption but by the opportunities associated with the continent, due to remarkable transformations at the continental and global level over the past decade. The continent is the new frontier, a global frontline for an increasing number of players and also for students of international relations.

In this special issue, specialists are drawn from different disciplinary and regional backgrounds and address a range of critical transitions facing Africa. Two broad scenarios are discussed: the intensification of Africa’s international integration as a provider of commodities, and, alternatively, the renaissance of the continent due to innovative trajectories that transcend past constraints and gain traction as the latest expression of the term ‘emerging powers’.

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Editor in Chief: Elizabeth Sidiropoulos

Academic Editor: Martha Bridgman

Guest Editor: Daniel C. Bach


Africa in International Relations: The Frontier as Concept and Metaphor
Daniel Bach

The Ambivalent Impact of Commodities: Structural Change or Status Quo in Sub-Saharan Africa?
Alice Sindzingre

Nigeria as an Emerging Economy? Making Sense of Expectations
David Uchenna Enweremadu

The Limits to Statebuilding for Peace in Africa
Devon Curtis

The Exceptional State in Africa: Image Management in Sino-African Relations
Shogo Suzuki

Emerging Powers in Africa: Is Brazil any Different?
Lyal White

The EU and Africa since the Lisbon Summit of 2007: Continental Drift or Widening Cracks?
Damien Helly

The Rush for Land in Africa: Resource Grabbing or Green Revolution?
Ward Anseeuw

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