Introducing e-vehicles to Southern Africa: A systemic innovation approach to a green new deal

Image: Getty, 4X images
Image: Getty, 4X images

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are not typically seen as catalysts that may enable the large-scale transformation of national and regional economic and development trajectories.


  • Prioritise the climate emergency and decarbonisation of the mining, automotive and energy industries by pursuing a just electric mobility (e-Mobility) transition in Southern Africa.
  • Work with the mining sector to develop a regional beneficiation infrastructure that supports the development of regional battery value chains coupled with a circular mining approach and sustainable mining ecosystems.
  • Build decentralised energy grids and institutions that support fair e-Mobility access.
  • Pursue electrification of government fleets, electric taxi and bus networks through innovative financial incentives and subsidies.
  • Work with multiple strategic decision-makers and interest groups in SADC to establish a shared developmental vision harnessing the opportunities presented by the e-Mobility transition.