SADC Futures of e-Mobility: EVs as Enablers of a New Energy Paradigm

Image: Getty, Rodger Bosch
Image: Getty, Rodger Bosch

The global energy landscape has changed dramatically over the past 25 years, but there are potentially much larger and rapid changes in store in the future.


Resources for the Future recently released a game-changing report that compares “apples-with-apples” through a unique methodology that provides an integrated analysis of the long-term energy projections of various governmental, intergovernmental, and private organisations. The report entitled Global Energy Outlook 2019: The Next Generation of Energy states that global energy consumption is poised to grow by over 20-30% through 2040 and beyond. In the absence of ambitious climate change targets, this growth would be largely driven by the increased consumption of fossil fuels.

3 Nov 2020
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