Ensuring that COP27 is Truly an ‘African COP’

Image: Getty, Arsene Mpiana/AFP
Image: Getty, Arsene Mpiana/AFP

Egypt will host the next UN Conference of Parties (COP) meeting in November 2022, making it an opportune moment for Africa to elevate its voice in global climate negotiations and try to advance its common priorities.


  • COP27 is of paramount importance if ambitious global climate action is to be achieved. Lack of action will have dire consequences for Africa, other developing regions and the world more broadly.
  • Despite complex global geopolitical dynamics, climate action, and specifically policy implementation, must remain high on the political agenda of all countries. It is crucial to minimise the gap between current pledges and what is needed to avoid devastating climate change for Africa.
  • A successful COP27 outcome will depend heavily on the goodwill between all parties and Africa’s leaders.
  • African countries now have a common vision for climate action in the shape of the continental strategy. This allows them to join forces to ensure any engagement at COP27 represents their broader interests and supports their goal to building low-carbon, climate-resilient and sustainable societies.
  • African negotiators will play a key role in ensuring progress on agendas that are aligned with the continent’s development needs and interests. This includes outcomes on loss and damage, adaptation, climate finance and a just transition.

20 Oct 2022